a unique sample instrument resource for Kontakt…

Glitch Gizmos | Vol 1

3 x Glitch Gizmo Instruments



Assorted chaotic grooves…


Requires: Kontakt 5.6.6 or later.



40% Discount


28 snapshots per instrument

12 x sequences per snapshot = 1008 sequences

Generative Random Modes

randomize sample selection, pitch and decay


1.3 GB sample data (uncompressed)

The instruments feature:
– Drum Sequencer (pattern selection via MIDI note)
– 12 x Sequencer Tracks
– 126+ samples per Track
– Random Modes for Sample Select, Pitch and Decay
– Volume, Pan, High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter per Track
– Instrument Effects (2 x Phaser, 2 x Flanger, 2 x Delay, 2 x Reverb)
– Effects sends per Track

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